Fusion® Knee Brace

Knee Braces

With over 20 years of experience in knee brace design, Breg offers an extensive product line including post-op, osteoarthritis and sports bracing.

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Kodiak Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy

Designed to help manage pain and promote healing.

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DVT Prophylaxis

Portable sequential compression to help prevent DVT at home

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Hip Braces

Hip Bracing

The Breg T Scope Hip brace provides unprecedented comfort, simplicity and support during post-operative hip rehabilitation

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Shoulder Brace

Shoulder Bracing

Our upper extremity products are innovatively designed to help you recover from injury, trauma or surgery comfortably.

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Fracture Brace

Fracture Bracing

Braces Providing Protection, Correction and Stabilization.

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Elbow Braces and Wrist Braces

Elbow Braces / Wrist Braces

Designed with comfort in mind, Breg has the elbow or wrist brace you need to participate in the activities you enjoy.

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Spine Braces

Spine Braces, Lumbar Support, Cervical, Sacroiliac Braces, and TLSO Braces

We have a full range of spine bracing products from post-operative support to stabilization to acute low-back pain.

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Ankle Foot Braces Walker Boots

Ankle Braces, Foot Braces, Walker Boots

Breg has a comprehensive line of foot and ankle products to get you back on your feet.

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Home Therapy Kits

Home Therapy Kits

If you need to continue your rehab at home, our knee, shoulder or ankle therapy kits will help you with your recovery.

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