20.50 Patella Knee Brace

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20.50 Design

Between 20° and 50° of flexion, the patella is at risk to abnormal tracking, subluxation, and dislocation. The 20.50 Patellofemoral Brace dynamically supports the patella through this range of flexion by increasing pressure of the bladder and underlying buttress against the lateral border of the patella as the knee moves between 20° and 50°. The buttress is dependent on position of the hinge and frame. When the frame is extended, the straps of the buttress are most taut and offer the most amount of pressure and control against the patella, inhibiting subluxation.

20.50 Patellofemoral

Specifically designed for patients with recurrent patella subluxations and dislocations, the buttress offers the most support between 20° and 50° of knee flexion. This dual upright brace comes prefabricated in a 12” (30 cm) magnesium frame, and can be customized to a 14” (36 cm) aluminum frame.

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Common Examples of Use

  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Patellar maltracking
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Mild chondromalacia
  • Runner’s Knee
  • Post lateral release

Product Features

  • Dynamic design applies increased lateral pressure between 20° and 50° of knee flexion
  • Pneumatic air bladder over a trimmable lateral buttress
  • Lightweight magnesium
  • Pneumatic patellar pad allows patients to adjust for their desired level of support
  • Pivoting straps aid in preventing brace migration
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Up to 8° of load available on OA versions


Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Part # Description
AG060050 Custom
AG060054 OA, Custom
AG060052 Extended, Custom
AG060055 Extended, OA, Custom
PF010YXX Standard, XS-XXL
AG060053 Kit, Strap, Custom
AG060051 Kit, Pad, Custom
PF041YXX Kit, Strap, PF
PF040YXX Kit, Pad, PF
XX = See size chart

Y: Left(1), Right (2)

XX = See size chart

Y: Left(1), Right (2)

Product Sizing Chart

20.50 Patella Knee Brace Sizing Chart