Customer Care

Breg, Inc.
2885 Loker Ave. East
Carlsbad, CA 92010

Telephone Numbers:
800-897-BREG (2734)
800-321-0607 (Customer Care)
+1-760-795-5440 (International)
1-760-795-5295 (Fax)

Customer Care representatives are available Monday through Friday, 6AM to 5PM, Pacific Time.

Shipping Information

Our off-the-shelf products ship from both of our main distribution centers in California and Indiana. Custom braces and assemble-to-order products ship from California. We offer a full range of delivery services out of each distribution center from ground to overnight.

Prefabricated productsSame day
Custom braces with standard colors / patternsWithin 24 hours
Custom braces with customized colors / patternsWithin 72 hours
Quantum Custom bracesWithin 72 hours
Assemble-to-order productsWithin 3-5 days

Note: Custom logo orders require an additional 48 hours for processing.

Warranty/Return Policy

Breg products are warranted for manufacturing or materials defects. Please contact Customer Care if you have questions regarding the warranty. Before returning a product, please contact our Customer Care department at 800.321.0607 or 800.897.BREG (2734) for a return authorization number.

Products with custom logos are returnable for manufacturing and material defects, however are not returnable due to overstock reasons.

Breg warrants its products for manufacturing or material defects. Breg does not warrant products for cosmetic deficiencies caused from regular use. Custom products and products with custom logos are not returnable. Non-warranty returns will be accepted within 120 days from date of purchase and will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Product Warranty

Cold TherapyUnits & Pads6 Months
VPULSEUnits & Pads3 Months
PlasmaFlowUnits30 Days
Hip BracingRigid brace frame & soft goods6 Months
Lower ExtremityWalker Boots6 Months
 Walker Boot Soft Goods6 Months
 Walker Accessories6 Months
 Ultra Ankle1 Year
 Lace Up Ankle, Axiom Ankle, Ultimate Ankle6 Months
 Ankle Stirrups3 Months
 Soft Ankle Sleeves3 Months
 Foot Bracing (PFS, Cast & Post Op Shoes, misc splints, insole, pads)Shoes 6 Months
Pads & Insoles 3 Months
Knee BracingPost-Op Knee3 Months
 Custom Rigid Brace Frame & Hinges5 Years
 Prefabricated Rigid Brace Frame & Hinges (including Freestyle® OA and OA Impulse)1 Year
 Ridge brace pads, straps, clips6 Months
 Soft Knee Sleeves6 Months
Spine BracingBreg Pinnacle (Lumbar and Collars)1 Year
 Breg Ascend (Lumbar and Collars)1 Year
 Aspen (Lumbar & Collars)1 Year
 Hope/Bledsoe1 Year
 Spine Soft Goods/Straps/Clips6 Months
 Flexible Back Supports6 Months
 Soft Cervical Collar/Clavicle6 Months
Upper ExtremityShoulder Supports3 Months
 Post-Op Elbow Braces (T-Scope, T-Chek)6 Months
 Aligner PHX6 Months
 X2K Elbow BraceFrame 1 Year
Soft Goods 6 Months
 Elbow Support (with & w/o hinge)6 Months
 Wrist Bracing3 Months
 Splint & Fracture Management3 Months
Misc.Home Therapy Kits6 Months
 Crutches, Canes, WalkersAluminum Frame 1 Year
Hand grips, Rubber tips, Wheels, Underarm pads 3 Months