Breg Impact®

A customized, proven DMEPOS/bracing program combining clinically trained consultants and integrated workflow software

Over 470 leading orthopedic practices and over 2,400 outsourced DMEPOS inventory locations are using Breg Impact to:

Enhance Patient Care
Support Compliance*
Control Costs
Generate Revenue

The Goal is Simple

Create an efficient, paperless DMEPOS/bracing program with seamless integration, making it remarkably easy to help lower the cost of healthcare while improving outcomes and creating an excellent patient experience.

In-House Program

I’m interested in learning how to build an in-house ancillary DMEPOS/bracing program for revenue generation and continuity of care

Outsourced Program

I’m interested in implementing an outsourced cost avoidance inventory program (“stock and bill”)


I’m interested in a DMEPOS/bracing program, but I’m not sure if an in-house, outsourced or hybrid program is right for my organization

Case Studies

How Breg Gained Efficiencies, Improved Service, and Grew Market Share


Together, Breg and Redox have reduced the time required to develop and implement an interface from 12 weeks to an average of three to four weeks for most customers.
Read the case study detailing the results.

PA Orthopedic Provider Turns “Awful” Paper Records into Revenue

Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania

Orthopedic Institute of PA once dealt with reams of “awful” paper records that were hard to manage and had information gaps. They invested in a paperless patient workflow management system to streamline DMEPOS which now generates about $2.5 million annually.
Read the full case study.


Start a Conversation

Breg has the ability to build a hybrid program that combines both the in-house and the outsourced models.

This could include a cost avoidance outsourced inventory program which stocks all locations that dispense bracing with Breg-owned inventory and then bills the product through Breg’s billing system and an in-house revenue generation model that allows your healthcare facility to generate ancillary revenue in its physician outpatient facilities.

If you would like to know more about these types of custom options, please fill out the “start a conversation” form and someone will be in touch.

We also suggest learning more about each individual program by visiting the in-house program page and the outsourced program page.

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