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Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are dispensed by healthcare providers at hospitals and orthopedic clinics across the country. If you’ve received a bill from us, please contact our Patient Billing Department to obtain more information at 800-254-0072 or

Breg does not sell directly to patients. Our products are available through healthcare providers.

We recommend hand washing all our products with a mild detergent and letting them air dry. Please do not put any products in the washing machine, dryer, or even the dishwasher, as this will compromise the material.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Care Department at 800-321-0607.

Please visit Products are sorted by categories and instructions can be downloaded.

Please visit

If you have further questions, please contact Customer Care at 800-321-0607.

  1. Read the Instructions For Use (PDFs)
  2. Instructional videos can be found here:
    1. Polar Care Cube
    2. Polar Care Kodiak
    3. Polar Care Glacier
    4. VPULSE
  3. If you are experiencing an issue that isn’t addressed in these materials, please contact our 24/7 cold therapy line at 800-321-0607.
  1. Before storing your Polar Care unit, you will want to dry the unit and drain the pad(s) and tubing that connect to the unit.
  2. To drain the pad, just disconnect it from the unit by depressing the silver tabs at the connector and pull the pad free. At the end of the tubing you will see two black X’s – those are the plungers that hold water in the pad.  Push the plungers down with the back of a pen to release the water, while rolling the pad up like a sleeping bag to push the water out.
  3. Repeat step b to drain the tubing that comes out of the unit.
  4. You will not be able to get every drop out, but the drier it is, the better.
  5. If you have any questions or need help with these steps please call Customer Care at 800-321-0607.

Breg products are patient specific and single-patient use only, so they are not able to be donated.

Breg does not donate products as they are prescribed specifically for patients under the direction of a healthcare provider.

Contact Customer Care at 800-321-0607.

Contact Customer Care via:

  1. Phone: 800-321-0607
  2. Email:
  3. Fax: 800-329-2734

Contact Customer Care via:

  1. Phone: 800-321-0607
  2. Email:
  3. Fax: 800-329-2734

Contact Customer Care at 800-321-0607.

For Providers visit

For Patients please contact Customer Care at 800-321-0607.