Conformer Walking Boot

Sizes: xs, s, m, l, xl

Out performs the Total Contact Cast in reducing pressure – 30% less peak pressure.* Technologically advanced Auto-mold™ foam holds shape to the buttress of the foot and prevents movement that can break down the skin.

*Pollo, Fabian PhD, Brodsky, James MD, Crenshaw, Stephanie M.S., Kirksey, Chris B.S., “Plantar Pressures in Fiberglass Total Contact Casts vs. a New Diabetic Walking Boot” Foot and Ankle International, January 2003

Common Examples of Use

  • Sensate and non-sensate patients
  • Ulcerative / pre-ulcerative conditions
  • Diabetic patients
  • Ankle joint instability

Product Features

  • Dual density mid-sole foam promotes perimeter loading
  • Molded inner liner encases the foot and lower leg
  • Diabetic sock included

Instructions for Use

Conformer Boot Study

Part Numbers

Part # Description
AL041YXX Conformer, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15
AL241YXX Conformer w/ Air, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15
AL022106 Kit Cuff Conformer LT 6
AL022108 Kit Cuff Conformer LT 8
AL022110 Kit Cuff Conformer LT 10
AL022112 Kit Cuff Conformer LT 12
AL022114 Kit Cuff Conformer LT 14
AL022204 Kit Cuff Conformer RT 4
AL022206 Kit Cuff Conformer RT 6
AL022208 Kit Cuff Conformer RT 8
AL022210 Kit Cuff Conformer RT 10
AL022212 Kit Cuff Conformer RT 12
AL022214 Kit Cuff Conformer RT 14

Conformer Walking Boot Size Chart