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Recover Knee Brace

Sizes: xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl

The Recover Knee brace combines the low profile nature of a hinged ligament knee brace with the functionality of a post-operative brace. This product is available in wraparound style in both long and short lengths. The wraparound design allows patients to apply the brace with ease and with the options of Airmesh® or Neoprene, patients can choose the material that best meets their needs. The Recover Knee brace utilizes the patented T Scope user-friendly hinge, which offers range of motion control of the knee with simple, quick adjustments. The universal design accommodates both right and left leg procedures. The Recover Knee brace combines ease of use, comfort, and functionality all in one brace.

Common Examples of Use

  • Locked or limited motion control
  • Post-op rehabilitation
  • Soft tissue injuries of the knee
  • ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL repairs / injuries
  • Tibial plateau fracture
  • Osteochondral repairs
  • Meniscal injuries and repairs
  • Patella tendon repairs
  • Condylar fractures
  • Sprains/strains of the knee
  • HTOs (High Tibial Osteotomies)
  • Stable or internally fixed fractures of the knee

Product Features

  • T Scope Premier hinge offers extension adjustability between -10° and 70°, while flexion may be adjusted between -10° and 120°
  • Easy to use extension drop lock allows the brace to be locked out in 5 positions (in -10°, 0°, 10°, 20°, and 30°) of knee extension with the push of a button
  • Wraparound design for easy application
  • Universal fit for a right or left leg to reduce inventory
  • Open back design to ensure no bunching or pinching of the popliteal crease of the knee
  • Available in Airmesh or Neoprene

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Part # Description
0036x Recover Knee Brace, Long, Neoprene, Open Back, Wraparound
0038x Recover Knee Brace, Long, Airmesh, Open Back, Wraparound
0037x Recover Knee Brace, Short, Neoprene, Open Back, Wraparound
0039x Recover Knee Brace, Short, Airmesh, Open Back, Wraparound

X = See size chart.

Product Sizing Chart

Size # Size Thigh Circumference
X=1 XS 12″ – 15″ (30 – 38 cm)
X=2 S 15″ – 18″ (38 – 46 cm)
X=3 M 18″ – 21″ (46 – 53 cm)
X=4 L 21″ – 24″ (53 – 61 cm)
X=5 XL 24″ – 27″ (61 – 69 cm)
X=6 XXL 27″ – 30″ (69 – 79 cm)

Circumference taken 6″ (15 cm) above mid patella