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Cold therapy reduces pain and swelling typical of orthopedic injury or surgery. Many patients find motorized (pump-driven) cold therapy with wrap on pads much more convenient and comfortable than gel pads or the application of ice. The pads are designed to conform to injured areas, delivering cold therapy directly to the joint where it’s needed.

This type of cold therapy also delivers a constant, comfortable temperature. Ask your doctor about the benefits of cold therapy, and about the risks. All cold treatment options can cause serious injury if improperly used. Please make sure you have received proper instructions from your doctor and understand the risks before using any cold therapy device.

Breg Impact®

Breg Impact is a customized DME program fueled by our clinically trained consulting team and DME workflow management software, Breg Vision®. Our team provides support at every step for customers to build successful DME programs that simplify administrative processes while elevating patient care.

Breg Impact Consulting

Building a DME program doesn’t need to be overly complex, time intensive or costly. Breg Impact’s clinically trained consultants analyze your company’s specific business model and practices, then provide you with a tailored solution that saves time, reduces
cost and generates revenue.


  • Comprehensive practice analysis
  • Expense and revenue projections
  • Proven implementation and support, including on-site training
  • Product protocols, efficiency recommendations, revenue enhancement
  • Customized documentation
  • Coding and billing expertise
  • Quarterly financial analysis and mock chart audits
  • Program follow-up and evaluation
  • Ongoing support

Breg Vision Workflow
Management Software

Breg Vision is an easy-to-use application for patient workflow management that automates and optimizes the time-intensive manual processes that many DME programs still employ. Our technical capabilities put us a step ahead of the competition – we have integrated with all major EHR/EMR software, and we are the only orthopedic management software that can plug directly into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms for seamless, system-wide inventory management.


  • Integrated interface that enables DMEPOS information and documentation to seamlessly flow to and from the clinic’s scheduling, medical records and billing system
  • End-to-end paperless process
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Real-time inventory management
  • The first and only DME software that integrates with system wide ERPs
  • Insurance benefits and eligibility checks
We will customize a solution that’s right for your practice so that you can focus on what matters – getting your patients from hurt to healthy.