Do you have the next big idea in Orthopedics?

Breg embraces innovation as a way of life. We love to hear new ideas from our partners in an effort to improve the quality and lower the cost of a patient’s journey from hurt to healthy.

If you wish to team up with Breg on your invention, complete the questionnaire below. Once we receive your answers, Breg will evaluate the idea. If we feel that the opportunity may be a good fit, a member of our Innovation Team will contact you.


Breg will only consider initial ideas on a non-confidential basis. Breg is not required to keep your idea confidential and, if your idea is not protected by a patent, Breg is free to use your idea for any purpose including commercialization of your idea for the sole benefit of Breg. Please note also that acceptance of your submission does not oblige Breg to use the information or otherwise create an agreement between you and Breg.