Lateral Stabilizer

Sizes: xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl, 3xl

The Lateral Stabilizer offers a strong tubular, lateral buttress that is for lateral stabilization of the patella and is commonly used by patients with patellofemoral conditions.

Common Examples of Use

  • Lateral patella subluxation
  • Chronic patellar maltracking
  • Mild chondromalacia

Product Features

  • Available in Airmesh and neoprene
  • Low profile design allows for improved patient compliance
  • J-shaped buttress provides lateral patellar stabilization
  • Inferior and superior straps provide additional compression

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Part # Description Size
11041 Airmesh, Left XS, LT
11042 Airmesh, Left S, LT
11043 Airmesh, Left M, LT
11044 Airmesh, Left L, LT
11045 Airmesh, Left XL, LT
11046 Airmesh, Left XXL, LT
11047 Airmesh, Left 3XL, LT
11051 Airmesh, Right XS, RT
11052 Airmesh, Right S, RT
11053 Airmesh, Right M, RT
11054 Airmesh, Right L, RT
11055 Airmesh, Right XL, RT
11056 Airmesh, Right XXL, RT
11057 Airmesh, Right 3XL, RT
07071 Neoprene, Right XS, RT
07072 Neoprene, Right S, RT
07073 Neoprene, Right M, RT
07074 Neoprene, Right L, RT
07075 Neoprene, Right XL, RT
07076 Neoprene, Right XXL, RT
07077 Neoprene, Right 3XL, RT
07081 Neoprene, Left XS, LT
07082 Neoprene, Left S, LT
07083 Neoprene, Left M, LT
07084 Neoprene, Left L, LT
07085 Neoprene, Left XL, LT
07086 Neoprene, Left XXL, LT
07087 Neoprene, Left 3XL, LT

Product Sizing Chart

Lateral Stabilizer Sizing Chart