Polar Wraps

The Polar Wraps can be wrapped around each of the Polar Pads, allowing patients to conveniently secure the pads to the affected area without using additional wraps or bandages.

Common Examples of Use

  • Post Operative
  • Arthroscopic Procedures
  • Reconstructive Procedures
  • Plastic Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Post-Trauma
  • Chronic Pain
  • Physical Therapy

Instructions for Use

Part Numbers

Part # Description
02600 Polar Wrap, Knee/Thigh
02653 Polar Wrap, S/M Shoulder
02655 Polar Wrap, L/XL Shoulder
02780 Polar Wrap, Ankle
02703 Polar Wrap, Medium Back
02704 Polar Wrap, Large Back
02753 Polar Wrap, Medium Hip
02754 Polar Wrap, Large Hip

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