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J Walker Plus – J Walker

Sizes: xs, s, m, l, xl

The J Walker is an economical boot with all the basic features. The J Walker Plus includes a pneumatic quick-pump liner for enhanced patient comfort. Both boots are made of strong, durable aluminum shell with foam innersole that cushions the foot. Full bootie encloses the foot and pivoting forefoot straps for increased comfort.

Common Examples of Use

  • Ankle sprains and strains
  • Forefoot sprains
  • Stable foot fractures
  • Distal tibial fractures

Product Features

  • Pneumatic quick-pump liner encompasses the forefoot, ankle, and leg for complete immobilization and increased patient comfort
  • Push-button release eases patient doffing
  • Bulb placement prevents self-inflation, common with competitor models
  • Liner can be trimmed if needed

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Part # Description
BL51000X J Walker Plus, XS-XL
BL51001X J Walker Plus, Wide, XS-XL
BL51100X J Walker Plus, Mid-Calf, XS-XL
BL51101X J Walker Plus, Mid-Calf, Wide, XS-XL
BL0500XX J Walker, Bootie 14T Plus
BL01000X J Walker, XS-XL
BL21000X J Walker, w/ Air, XS-XL
BL01100X J Walker, Mid-Calf, XS-XL
BL21100X J Walker, Mid-Calf w/ Air, XS-XL
BL01001X J Walker, Wide, XS-XL
BL21001X J Walker, Wide w/ Air, XS-XL

Product Sizing Chart

AdjustaFit Walker Boot Sizing Chart

Instructions for Use

J Walker Plus Boot Instructions for Use

Liner Instructions for Use