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AdjustaFit Walker Boot

Sizes: xs, s, m, l, xl

Standard Bledsoe boot design with calf cuff and forefoot pad.

Common Examples of Use

  • Ankle sprains and strains
  • Forefoot sprains
  • Stable foot fractures
  • Distal tibial fractures

Product Features

  • Breathable foam calf cuff
  • Liner can be trimmed if needed

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Part # Description
AL05300X AdjustaFit, XS-XL
AL25300X AdjustaFit, w/ Air, XS-XL
AL05400X AdjustaFit, Pre-Assembled, XS-XL
AL25400X AdjustaFit, Pre-Assembled w/ Air, XS-XL
AL05600X AdjustaFit, LC Mid-Calf, XS-XL
AL25600X AdjustaFit, LC Mid-Calf w/ Air, XS-XL
AL05360X AdjustaFit, Wide, XS-XL
AL25360X AdjustaFit, Wide w/ Air, XS-XL
AL05460X AdjustaFit, Wide Pre-Assembled, XS-XL
AL25460X AdjustaFit, Wide Pre-Assembled w/ Air, XS-XL
AL05660X AdjustaFit, Wide Mid-Calf, XS-XL
AL25660X AdjustaFit, Wide Mid-Calf w/ Air, XS-XL

Product Sizing Chart

AdjustaFit Walker Boot Sizing Chart

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use