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Fusion® Women’s Knee Brace

Sizes: xs, s, m, m+, l, xl, xxl

Fusion® Women’s provides patients with protection for the ACL, PCL and collateral ligaments. It’s ideal for normal daily activities as well as athletic endeavors. This brace is designed using a flexible polymer, which creates a comfortable, precise fit that won’t compromise mobility and helps to align and support the knee.

Common Examples of Use

  • ACL
  • PCL
  • Collateral Ligament protection


  • AirTech™ Frame pads – innovative windows and channels in the pad permit cooling air flow while allowing moisture and heat to move away from the skin
  • Pivot Point Strap tabs – pivoting strap tabs allow straps to contour to the leg for superior fit, comfort and suspension

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Part # Description
01203 Fusion® Women’s Custom, Argento White (see image) Available in Custom only
01214 Fusion® Women’s Custom, color / pattern
01201 Fusion® Women’s Custom
009XX Fusion® Women’s Prefabricated, Left
011XX Fusion® Women’s Prefabricated, Right
980XX Refurbish Kit (Thigh), Left*
981XX Refurbish Kit (Thigh), Right*
982XX Refurbish Kit (Calf), Left*
983XX Refurbish Kit (Calf), Right*
00522 Condyle pad (set of 2)
* Kit contains frame pads, straps and instructions


Product Sizing Chart

Fusion® Women's Knee Brace Sizing Chart