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Pinnacle® CTO Cervical Brace

The Breg Pinnacle CTO and CTO4 braces were developed to provide control through the cervical and thoracic regions. These braces help reduce movement in all three planes of motion – flexion/extension, lateral bending, and axial rotation1. The CTO & CTO4 are adjustable and provide multiple adjustment points to help ensure support at every step as well as patient comfort.

1. Ivancic, Paul C. “Do Cervical Collars and Cervicothoracic Orthoses Effectively Stabilize the Injured Cervical Spine? A Biomechanical Invesitagation.” Spine, vol. 38, no. 13, 2013, pp. 767-74.


  • Flexible material zones that minimize pressure points
  • Unique self-centering sternal adjustment allows the brace to shape to each patient’s anatomy
  • Easy to adjust anterior thoracic plate
  • Antimicrobial cotton-hemp blend liners / pads to help prevent skin irritation
  • Extra set of lines/pads included with each brace
  • Ultra-breathable foam padding / liners to reduce perspiration
  • Intuitive, quick donning and doffing waist strap buckles

Common Examples of Use

  • Post-surgical stabilization
  • Cervicothoracic instabilities
  • Fracture management

Instructions for Use

Pinnacle Cervicothoracic Orthosis 200 Upgrade (Model #s: SP41200-000 / SP41204-000)
Pinnacle Cervicothoracic Orthosis CTO/CTO4 (Model #s: SP40200-000 / SP40204-000)

Part Numbers

Part # Description
SP40200-000 Pinnacle CTO
SP40204-000 Pinnacle CTO4
SP41204-000 Pinnacle CTO4 Upgrade
SP40205-000 Pinnacle CTO Replacement Pads
SP40206-000 Pinnacle CTO4 Replacement Pads