Polar Care Glacier

The Polar Care Glacier Cold Therapy System balances the needs of the patient and the clinician. Its easy to use, feature-rich design makes it a great choice for hospital use. Depending on your patient-specific protocol, with nothing more than an initial fill of a little ice and water, your patients can enjoy up to 8-11 hours of motorized cold therapy according to their own comfort level.

Breg Polar Care Cold Therapy units are classified by the FDA as Class II medical devices that must be prescribed by a physician or licensed healthcare practitioner.

Common Examples of Use

  • Post Operative
  • Arthroscopic Procedures
  • Reconstructive Procedures
  • Plastic Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Post-Trauma
  • Chronic Pain
  • Physical Therapy

Product Features

  • High flow rates ensure even temperature distribution
  • Whisper-quiet pump technology allows your patient to rest easy
  • Durable, powerful construction provides peace of mind
  • Best-in-class therapy time and weight balance increases a nurse's efficiency
  • Temperature control allows the physician to adjust the protocol to the individual patient

Part Numbers

Part # Description
10901Polar Care Glacier
Combo Units - PC Glacier with Pad (includes Glacier & 1 single patient use pad)
10902PC Glacier with Knee/Shoulder Polar Pad Combo
02328Polar Dressing, Knee
02328Polar Dressing, Knee
10904PC Glacier with Multi-Use XL Polar Pad Combo
02348Polar Dressing, Multi-Use
10905PC Glacier with Knee Wrapon Combo
04708Polar Dressing, Knee L
10906PC Glacier with WrapOn Knee Large Pad
04908Polar Dressing, Knee L
10907PC Glacier with WrapOn Knee XL Pad
04908Polar Dressing, Knee L
10908PC Glacier with WrapOn Multi-Use XL Pad
02344Polar Dressing, XL Multi-Use
10909PC Glacier with WrapOn Multi-Use XL Pad with Long Stem
02344Polar Dressing, XL Multi-Use
10911PC Glacier with WrapOn Shoulder Pad
04908Polar Dressing, Shoulder L
10912PC Glacier with WrapOn Shoulder XL Pad
04918Polar Dressing, XL Shoulder
10913PC Glacier with WrapOn Ankle Pad
02508Polar Dressing, Ankle
10914PC Glacier with WrapOn Hip Pad
10680Polar Dressing, Knee L
10698 Replacement Power Supply
10670Compression strap (60" Long)
07640PC Y Adaptor
099154ft Extension Tube


I love the Glacier


I bought the Breg Glacier Polar Care for knee revision / replacement...love it! I can get 6-7 hours continuously, and the temperature control addition is outstanding. 3 days post op, I'm walking without any devices to assist! The Glacier has done a great job of controlling swelling, and I have recommended to several friends that have ortho surgeries upcoming. Thanks Breg!

Breg Response

Thanks so much for sharing your Breg story and we are glad to hear you are on your way to recovery.


The polar care is wonderful. I Had rotator cuff surgery BUT it is so hard to connect when you disconnect the sleeve from the cooler. No way can I do it by myself, my neighbor has a tuff time with two arms!

Breg Response

Hi Bonnie
Thank you for your post. Please contact our Customer Care Center at 800.321.0607. We would like to troubleshoot your difficulty and see if we can resolve the issue for you.

Every family should have one!

Like others, I received my breg cooler post ACL surgery. The ice water circulation is brilliant and helped me avoid all the post op pain pills. I wish I knew about this at the time of my injury. Every ski resort, soccer team, and active family should have one of these products. As a coach, it will be at my side on long weekend games and I plan to work it into future team budgets. My only question (and the reason on this website) is where can I find additional accessories for the team (such as ankle). Great product that needs more marketing upstream at the time of injury!

Breg Response

Hi Craig
Thank you for your post and for letting us know about your positive experience. You can find more information regarding our pads at http://www.breg.com/products/cold-therapy/pads. Cold therapy requires a doctor’s prescription, so to order cold therapy products, call our Customer Care department at 800-321-0607. They can walk you through ordering requirements.

Brilliant Idea is Outstanding


In the fall of 2002 I had shoulder surgery and this item was given to me at the hospital to take home. In just a few minutes they explained how it worked and sent me on the way. It was definitely heaven sent. Whoever thought up this idea was brilliant. It was so easy to work and there was no mess involved. We would fill it with ice, add water to the line, submerge the pump and turn it on. The pad I wore on my shoulder was comfortable and I could easily control the temperature up and down when needed. I would wear it while watching TV or I would even wear it when I went to sleep at night with no fear of getting the bed wet from it. I love this device. I also recovered extremely fast from my surgery (to everyone's surprise) and have been back to doing everything I could do before surgery. I've used it many times since for other family members. Now I'm looking for other pads to purchase for my mother's knee replacement surgery. This is an amazing product!

Breg Response

Hi Kathy
Thank you so much for letting us know how much you have liked the cold therapy unit. Please give our Customer Care Center a call at 800. 321.0607 and we can help determine the correct pads you want to order to support your mother after her surgery.

Polar Care Glacier

need to know costs For Breg Polar Care Glacier

Breg Response

Hi John
Thanks for contacting us. Please reach out to our Billing Department at 877-848-0706. They would be happy to assist you with cost information for a new brace.

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