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Customer Care for Patients

Breg, Inc.
2382 Faraday Avenue, Suite 300
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Telephone Numbers:
800-897-BREG (2734)
800-321-0607 (Customer Care)
+1-760-795-5440 (International)
1-760-795-5295 (Fax)

Customer Care representatives are available Monday through Friday, 6AM to 5PM, Pacific Time.

Note to Patients:
Breg does not sell products directly to patients; we rely on our network of authorized distributors and healthcare providers.  Our products are highly regulated medical devices dispensed at the discretion of healthcare providers. Cold therapy products are Class II devices and require a prescription from your healthcare provider. Please exercise caution when buying our products through online retailers; their return policies and warranties may differ from Breg’s policies, and in some cases unauthorized resellers provide counterfeit products.

Return Policy

Except as noted below, Breg accepts the return of unused product within 30 days of receipt by contacting the Breg Billing Services team at 800-254-0072 to obtain a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number and prepaid shipping label. Please allow 2 weeks from the time the authorized return is received to process a credit. Unauthorized returns that do not have an RMA are not eligible for credit. Cold Therapy, DVT units, Commodes, and Custom Items are not eligible for return. Items are eligible for exchange as defined within the warranty policy.

Product Warranty

Breg products come with a limited warranty against manufacturing or materials defects.  Breg does not warranty for cosmetic deficiencies caused by regular use (normal wear and tear), intentional alteration or misuse of the product.

Cold TherapyUnits & Pads6 Months
VPULSEUnits & Pads3 Months
PlasmaFlow / VenaProUnits30 Days
Hip BracingRigid brace frame & soft goods6 Months
Lower ExtremityWalker Boots6 Months
 Walker Boot Soft Goods6 Months
 Walker Accessories6 Months
 Ultra Ankle1 Year
 Lace Up Ankle, Axiom Ankle, Ultimate Ankle6 Months
 Ankle Stirrups3 Months
 Soft Ankle Sleeves3 Months
 Foot Bracing (PFS, Cast & Post Op Shoes, misc splints, insole, pads)Shoes 6 Months
Pads & Insoles 3 Months
Knee BracingPost-Op Knee3 Months
 Custom Rigid Brace Frame & Hinges5 Years
 Prefabricated Rigid Brace Frame & Hinges (including Freestyle® OA and OA Impulse)1 Year
 Ridge brace pads, straps, clips6 Months
 Soft Knee Sleeves6 Months
Spine BracingBreg Pinnacle (Lumbar and Collars)1 Year
 Breg Ascend (Lumbar and Collars)1 Year
 Aspen (Lumbar & Collars)1 Year
 Hope/Bledsoe1 Year
 Spine Soft Goods/Straps/Clips6 Months
 Flexible Back Supports6 Months
 Soft Cervical Collar/Clavicle6 Months
Upper ExtremityShoulder Supports3 Months
 Post-Op Elbow Braces (T-Scope, T-Chek)6 Months
 Aligner PHX6 Months
 X2K Elbow BraceFrame 1 Year
Soft Goods 6 Months
 Elbow Support (with & w/o hinge)6 Months
 Wrist Bracing3 Months
 Splint & Fracture Management3 Months
Misc.Home Therapy Kits6 Months
 Crutches, Canes, WalkersAluminum Frame 1 Year
Hand grips, Rubber tips, Wheels, Underarm pads 3 Months