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Traditional stirrup design enhances circulation and reduces swelling. Easily fits into most shoes.

Common Examples of Use

  • High ankle sprains
  • Sub-acute ankle sprains
  • Chronic ankle instabilities



  • Air insert includes air tube for optimal fit and compression
  • Gel insert can be removed and chilled for cold therapy

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Part # Description
ES040005 M-Brace Air, Universal, Black
ES050005 M-Brace Air-Gel, Universal, Black
ES042005 M-Brace Air (20 Pack), Universal, Black
ES045005 M-Brace Air (50 Pack), Universal, Black
ES055005 M-Brace Air-Gel (50 Pack), Universal, Black
ES040005–M M-Brace Air, Universal, White
ES050005–M M-Brace Air-Gel, Universal, White
ES042005–M M-Brace Air (20 Pack), Universal, White
ES052005–M M-Brace Air-Gel (20 Pack), Universal, White