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Breg's Freestyle™ OA Knee Brace

PTO Soft Knee Brace

Sizes: xs, s, m, m+, l, xl, xxl

The PTO is one of the most effective braces for reducing patellofemoral discomfort resulting from maltracking or patellar instability.  The PTO dynamically adjusts the amount of compression applied from the lateral pressure plate to relieve discomfort by forming a soft tissue wall that controls patellar subluxation.

Common Examples of Use

  • Mild chondromalacia
  • Patella subluxation
  • Patella dislocation
  • Patella tendonitis
  • Chronic patellar maltracking
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Post lateral release
  • Post patellar realignment

Product Features

  • Available in Airmesh or neoprene
  • Open back or closed back options available
  • Available with aluminum high performance hinge bars
  • Dynamic Function for normal gait

Part Numbers

Part # Description
1419XPTO, Airmesh, Left
1418XPTO, Airmesh, Right
1423XPTO, Airmesh, Open Back, Left
1422XPTO, Airmesh, Open Back
1427XPTO, Airmesh, High Performance, Left
1426XPTO, Airmesh, High Performance, Right
1431XPTO, Airmesh, High Performance, Open Back, Left
1430XPTO, Airmesh, High Performance, Open Back, Right
1417XPTO, Neoprene, Left
1416XPTO, Neoprene, Right
1421XPTO, Neoprene, Open Back, Left
1420XPTO, Neoprene, Open Back, Right
1425XPTO, Neoprene, High Performance, Left
1424XPTO, Neoprene, High Performance, Right
1429XPTO, Neoprene, High Performance, Open Back, Left
1428XPTO, Neoprene, High Performance, Open Back, Right
7181XPTO High Performance Sports Cover
7179XPTO HP Replacement Bar Kit, Left
7180XPTO HP Replacement Bar Kit, Right

Product Sizing Chart



Knee Brace

I am thinking of getting this knee brace, but my left knee cap dislocates to the inside which is abnormal. The brace that I have now I wear the right leg knee brace on my left. Should I do the same for this one also? Thanks.

Breg Response

Thanks for reaching out to Breg.  Based on the information you sent us, we recommend that you contact your physician. Breg’s PTO braces are not designed to be interchangeable. If you contact our Customer Care Center (1-800-321-0607), we can assist you with some general information which may help you when you meet with your doctor.

Just received my Airmesh PTO


I'm still trying to get a feel for it. I love the support it gives me. I work in a Power Plant and am often carrying 35+ pounds of tools with me to job sites (as well as climbing, walking, you get the idea). My only complaint so far is, like every brace the VA has gotten me, it slips down and settles on the middle of my kneecap and twists, even after adjusting the straps. Being new, I know the straps are still in good condition. The other brace I'm trying out, stays in place but doesn't give the support I need (and is not a Breg). Perhaps in the next gen of the PTO, incorporate a material that can provide some traction on the skin that would keep it from slipping? The PTO is definitely making life much easier now that I can get up and move. Thanks for reading!

Breg Response

Hi Rayna
Thanks for sharing your experiences and constructive feedback. We are glad to hear that the brace delivers the support you need. We recommend that you contact your doctor or the health professional who fitted your brace and have them recheck the fitting.
If you have additional questions reach out to the Breg Customer Care team at 800.321.0607.

Have a pto AIRMESH for chronic maltracking from the VA


I would like to know what if any brace can be substituted for this one that I can wear in summer in the humid area of the south with shorts that doesnt fall apart when it is washed, and doesnt cause a rash on my leg because I have to wear them all day>

Breg Response

Customer Care will contact you shortly to address your issue.
Breg Team

patella tendon repair

Hi I recently had an incident and my patella tendon was completely severed, I had surgery and im back on my feet and was lookin for a brace that would give my knee extra support, for weightlifing, running, etc. Would this brace be the one for me? Thanks.

Breg Response

Only your doctor can determine the right brace to help you recover from surgery. You can refer your doctor to our patellofemoral braces listed here: http://www.breg.com/products/knee-bracing/patellofemoral. We wish you a speedy recover! Thanks for your question.
Breg Team

pto performace brace


I love this knee brace, the only bad part is the "life-span" of the straps. I have had a new one sent to me last year, but again the straps have failed me...I currently have to use shoe laces to hold the brace in place... all of the straps fall off after the stitching gets loose. I have this brace "ghetto-rigged", and people don't understand that I can't ride my snowboard without this brace held together by shoe laces...thankfully the "patella tracking" part hasn't broken yet. Overall, this product does wonders and allows me to skateboard and snowboard, but unfortunately the "life-span" of this product is the only downfall.

Breg Response

It sounds like you give your brace quite a workout, particularly with snowboarding. The industry standard warranty for the brace straps is six months, and since the straps are incorporated into the brace, typically it means purchasing a new one if the straps wear out. We’ll provide your feedback to our product development team. Thank you for the feedback on the brace.

Breg Team

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