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Breg's Freestyle™ OA Knee Brace

Fusion OA Plus Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

Sizes: xs, s, m, m+, l, xl, xxl

For patients suffering from medial compartmental osteoarthritis (OA), Fusion OA Plus is an ideal brace option.

Common Examples of Use

  • Unicompartmental OA-medial
  • Chondral defect procedures
  • Meniscal procedures

Product Features

  • AirTech® frame pads – innovative windows and channels in the pad permit cooling air flow while allowing moisture and heat to move away from the skin
  • Low profile brace provides pain relief, combined with suspension and comfort
  • Proform technology provides a contoured fit and superior protection
  • Convenient thumbwheel dial hinge makes adjusting the level of off-loading easy

Part Numbers

Part # Description
01221Fusion OA Plus Custom
01222Fusion OA Plus Custom Color / Pattern
130XXFusion OA Plus, Prefabricated, Left
131XXFusion OA Plus, Prefabricated, Right
787XXFusion OA Plus, Refurbish, Left
788XXFusion OA Plus, Refurbish, Right

Product Sizing Chart

Fusion OA Osteoarthritis Knee Brace Sizing Chart


My current brace

I have a Breg Lateral OA that I received my my dr. Would like to. Get a new one to wear so that I don't wear one out. I have the adjustable one and was wondering how I would go about changing the amount of push if I ordered an XTO OA

Breg Response

Hi Steve
Thanks for contacting us. We would like to ask you a few questions so we can be sure we assist you with the correct brace. Please contact our Customer Care Center at 800.321.0607 and we would be happy to assist you.  

is there a right or left

I have a fusion brace that I used on right can I used it on left

Breg Response

Hi Sonya
Thanks for contacting us. Fusion braces are designed to fit either the right or the left leg, not both. If you would like to purchase an additional brace for your left leg, please contact our Customer Center at 800.321.0607 and we would be happy to assist you.

how can u order one

how can u order one

Breg Response

First, talk to your doctor to ensure that the Fusion OA brace is right for you. You can also order online, here: http://www.bregbraces.com/category-s/1826.htm

Thanks for your question.
Breg Team

Setting the dial on the side


Dr ordered when living in KC. Rep set my brace at 4.5. I had to replace the knee but now find I need it again. How do I determine what the setting needs to be? Do you have a vendor or rep in Tyler,Tx area?

Thank You

Breg Response

Thanks for your question. To ensure the brace is set properly, please see your doctor. If you’re new to the area, we have a Doctor Look-up (http://www.breg.com/osteoarthritis/find-a-doctor.php) on our website. If you have other questions about your brace, call Breg Customer Care at 800-321-0607.

Breg Team

cleaning a Knee brace>?

Hi, I recently had reconstruction acl knee surgery on my left knee this past aug 2012, after almost 4 months of useing my xl fusion knee brace that the doctors gave me.. I started back at work and recently started to smell a nasty funky smell on it.. What is the proper way to clean it? and Can i get replacement straps for the knee brace if needed?

Breg Response

To get rid of that "funky" smell, remove your brace's frame pads, condyle pads, straps and strap pads. Hand wash them in cold water with a mild soap, rinse and air dry. You can also purchase replacement straps online at www.BregBraces.com, or if you’d like to order over the phone, call 800-321-0607. Thanks for the post!

Breg Team

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