X2K Knee Brace

Sizes: s, m, m+, l, xl, xxl

Designed to provide optimal varus and valgus stiffness. The X2K is available in custom and prefabricated versions, powdercoat, as well as with standard or adjustable hinges.

Common Examples of Use

  • ACL
  • PCL
  • Collateral Ligament protection

Product Features

  • Diamond design for optimal varus and valgus stiffness
  • Lightweight Aluminum frame
  • Patented adjustable hinges allow for optimal loading across the joint
  • Internally mounted straps for ideal brace suspension

Part Numbers

Part # Description
20001X2K Custom
20002X2K Custom w/ Adjustable Hinge
201XXX2K Prefabricated, Left
202XXX2K Prefabricated, Right
203XXX2K Prefabricated, w/ Adjustable Hinge, Left
204XXX2K Prefabricated, w/ Adjustable Hinge, Right
705XXX2K Refurbish Kit Kit contains 2 regular condyle pads, 2 thincondyle pads, 2 stop sets, black frame pads, straps, pads, hex key and instructions)

Product Sizing Chart

X2K Knee Brace sizing chart


wrong brace?

I was fitted with this item yesterday and it hurts. It's the xxl version. I feel the brace shop on Fort Knox,Ky fitted me the wrong item. My right knee is bad and it seems they may have given me a left hand brace. The technician spent about two minutes fitting this item and I can't wear it. The part on the calf is pinching and feels better not even wearing this item. The size is marked on the pad. Is there a left/right marking anywhere on this product or difference in left and right? Long story short, I wore this to the parking lot and removed because it increased the pain level!

Please advise.

Breg Response

Thank you for contacting us. We recommend that you stop wearing your brace and contact your healthcare professional or doctor to let them know that the brace isn’t working for you. Regarding your questions about the pad, please call our Customer Care Center at 800. 321.0607 and we may be able to help you determine if the brace is for the correct leg. However, only your doctor can evaluate what’s going on, and recommend proper treatment.   


I have had my brace for over a year now and I need it adjusted. I will have to wear this for the rest of my life because of a PCL tear. Do you have a representive in the Owen Sound, Ontario area?

Breg Response

Thanks for your question. Customer Care will contact you with the name of the rep in your area.

Breg Team

Lca deficit solution!


The best: comfortable, light and tough! Tested playing soccer, ski and basketball!!

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