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Breg's Freestyle™ OA Knee Brace

Fusion XT OA Plus Knee Brace

Sizes: xs, s, m, m+, l, xl, xxl

Fusion XT OA Plus is designed for OA patients who participate in high-impact activities. This brace features a high-strength frame that utilizes Breg’s standard adjustable hinge design for maximum durability. Note: Fusion XT OA Plus requires the use of a hex key (included) for off-loading adjustments.

Common Examples of Use

  • Unicompartmental OA-medial
  • Chondral defect procedures
  • Meniscal procedures

Product Features

  • ProForm technology provides a contoured fit and protection
  • PivotPoint Strap Tabs allow for comfort during motion
  • AirTech® Frame pads – innovative windows and channels in the pad permit cooling air flow while allowing moisture and heat to move away from the skin
  • Lightweight, high strength 2024 tempered aluminum

Part Numbers

Part # Description
01226Fusion XT OA Plus Custom, w/ Adjustable Hinge
01227Fusion XT OA Plus Custom, color/Pattern option w/ Adjustable Hinge
057XXFusion XT OA Plus, Prefabricated, Left
058XXFusion XT OA Plus, Prefabricated, Right
791XXFusion XT OA Plus, Refurbish, Left*
792XXFusion XT OA Plus, Refurbish, Right*

* Refurb kit includes 2 stop sets, frame pads with hook and loop fasteners, straps and instructions

Product Sizing Chart

Fusion XT OA Plus Knee Brace Sizing Chart


Is there a left or right?

My husband had knee surgery in Nov of 2012. It was not successful. His Ortho Dr. rx'd this brace for him, but he's not sure if it's the right one. He has become very bowlegged and this brace was supposed to help lessen the bow. It almost looks like the brace doesn't work with the line of his leg. He never got measured, the Dr. just ordered him a brace. Can you let me know if there is a left or right...

Breg Response

Hi Faith
Thank you for contacting us. Please call Breg Customer Care at 800-321-0607 so we can get additional information and talk to you about next steps.
Breg Team


Does this model come in CUSTOM? or just sizes as listed? Can it be made in red? thanks

Breg Response

Yes, the brace is available off the shelf in the sizes listed, or can be customized for you. Red is available for custom braces. Please call Breg Customer Care so we can put you in contact with the local Breg Rep in your area who will help you with measurement for a custom brace. 1-800-321-0607. Thanks for your question.
Breg Team

Fusion Knee Brace


I'm 10 months out of surgery and back into vigorous training for my Spring Collegiate Softball season. My doctor recommended the use of the brace. Given my position (being a catcher), I have to wear the brace underneath the catching equipment. I've developed numerous rashes, bruises, etc. due to the brace slipping, sliding underneath my equipment. I never liked the brace, and it doesn't make me feel any more supported. I would not recommend this brace for the serious athlete.

Breg Response

We're very sorry to hear about your problems with the brace! There are some things we can recommend, including an undersleeve that can help with skin irritation. Customer Care will contact you to help resolve the issues. Thank you for your feedback. It's important for us to hear about problems like these so they can be addressed!

Breg Team

Fusion XT OA Knee Brace

I first purchased the Fusion XT OA size M knee brace, which was too tight on my calf and thigh. I replaced it with M+ which was a better fit, but most of the straps were too long and could not be adjusted properly (I folded them in half and even that was not sufficient). I think the M+ with M size straps may provide better fit. The Fusion XT OA knee brace is very stiff and you should make sure that it will fit you well. Personally, I should have ordered the Fusion OA brace, as I think, it would have been a better fit for me. I will try to get some shorter starps for the brace, and in the future, I will surely order the Fusion OA. I play soccer every Sunday for many years. I also plays twice a year in tournaments. In the past I had two knee surgeries on my right knees, my meniscus are worn out, and arthritis has settled in both knees. My Orthopedic doctor suggested that I quit playing soccer. Ever since I purchased the knee brace, I am able to continue playing with no pain at all. Furthermore, I feel so great after each game that I am compelled to share this story with you. Personally, I highly recommend the Fusion knee braces. Consult Breg's customer service (one of the best in the industry) and see which of the Fusion is best for you: The Fusion OA, or the Fusion XT OA.

How do I buy" Fusion XT OA Knee Brace"

my English is not so good. How do I buy" Fusion XT OA Knee Brace" My father needs to buy your company's proudct. I hope you can reply me. or tell me how do I buy the product in Taiwan. thanks

Breg Response

HI Shelly
Thank you for reaching out to Breg. Please contact our distributor in Taiwan. They will be happy to assist you.


Boulder Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Fl. 4, No. 6
Lane 204
Kwang Fu S Rd. Taipei

Phone:  +886227519651
Fax:  +886227811395

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