The Only Adjustment Is To How Comfortable It Is

Breg's shoulder braces and immobilizers make daily activities -- and compliance -- easier for patients.

Breg's Slingshot® 3 shoulder brace

SlingShot Neutral Shoulder Brace

Sizes: s, m, l, xl

Designed to place the humerus in a neutral position of rotation, Breg’s SlingShot Neutral Shoulder Brace is a cool, comfortable shoulder immobilizer lined with breathable airmesh. It includes a neutral pillow, exercise ball and thumb rest to minimize migration.

Common Examples of Use

  • Bankart lesions
  • SLAP lesions
  • Anterior dislocations
  • Posterior capsule repairs
  • Anterior repairs
  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Total shoulder reconstructions

Product Features

  • Comprised of Airmesh, a moisture wicking fabric, for enhanced breathability and comfort
  • Universal left or right
  • Quick release shoulder and waist straps for ease of application and removal
  • Neutral Pillow

Part Numbers

Part # Description
018X0SlingShot Neutral, S-L
01855SlingShot Neutral, XL

Product Sizing Chart



Breg TM3 sling shot

I have been wearing the sling shot TM3 since surgery two weeks ago. I am small and a bit on the 'lean' side and, initially, I too found the support pillow (using two edges) too large. The length of the sling supports from elbow to knuckle. After two days wearing the sling 24/7 I had a very sore back and we realized that the ring on the back and the strap had caused chafing through the thin night wear. For short and skinny people the straps have to be shortened completely. The bony bit on my elbow also became sore from the sling but I solved this by putting a bit of sheep skin into the sling. Nice, warm and comfortable!

I agree with 'Nancy Miller' above in that the support pillows have to be attached to the sling first. The nurses had trouble adjusting the whole thing.

This is how I put my sling on (for right shoulder and on my own):
I lay it on a pillow on my right side, then lay the waist strap to the left in a straight line. I also lay out the shoulder 'harness' alongside the waist strap.
Then, I sit down next to the sling, put my arm into the sling and and attach the velcro over the sling, attach thumb strap, then put on the shoulder strap first, click this to the sling with my left hand and last take the waist strap to the front and click it in.
This does need some flexibility! (I am able to reach with my left hand behind my back right to my right waist, so don't know how others with less flexibility would go).

At the 2-week visit my surgeon asked me whether I wished to remove the pillow as apparently some other patients wanted it removed as they found it very uncomfortable and too bulky.
It took me a while to get used to it, but I found a more or less comfortable position to sleep with it. I decided to keep it and now find that it provides excellent support. I would not want to be without it. My surgeon also prefers that patients wear it if possible.

Overall I now find this sling comfortable and I feel my shoulder is protected and well cared for. I too am glad that my surgeon uses this product. It really helps to keep the shoulder stable - and when people see it, most of them keep distance and do not bump into me.

Breg Response

Thanks for your informative post!  We have sent your comments along to our product development team for consideration. We also want to point out that it is important patients follow their doctors’ instructions when using SlingShot® 3 and the pillows. An Instructions For Use PDF ( for the SlingShot 3 is also available on  
Best wishes for your continued recovery.
Breg Team

Slingshot 3


I gave this a 3 because I'm a sm person and the wedge is too long in the small! It's the same length as the medium. Daytime use I would say comfort with this a 4 but night due to cumbersome long wedge extremely restricting and uncomfortable. My reason for wearing is subscapularis complete tendon repair. Some padding around end of sling were hand rests would add to comfort as well.

Breg Response

Thanks for your comment on the sling pillow. The original intent of the pillow's design was to be modular so that it can be broken down to best fit each patient's anatomy. One possible solution might be for you to use only one pillow: first check with your doctor to see if the single pillow position is appropriate for you. We very much appreciate your time in providing us with thoughtful product feedback. We have submitted your experience to our product team to consider as we work to keep improving our products.

Breg Team

Sling Shot Neutral

I added my SS2N to my anatomy on 5/8/12 following rotator cuff surgery. Instructed to wear constantly except during showering and to perform flexibility exercises.

It was an adjustment at first especially during the night. If I had a recliner I would likely be sleeping in it every night. I believe it would be more comfortable than a bed.

I believe a wider neck strap with thicker foam padding would be beneficial for comfort.

Overall I am very pleased with the device.

I clean it often with disinfectant wipes (Clorox) which seem to work well at eliminating odors and also dries quickly.

I highly recommend the product.

Sling Shot 2

I agree with Mike M. on the neck strap. The neck strap is too narrow and the padding that came with the strap and the strap wrapped into a tight channel. I had to remove the padding to make the strap at a minimum tolerable. The strap still will not lay flat, but curled like a rope.

As far as the rest of the brace, it is comfortable to wear and easy to use. i have to wear mine 24/7, minus cleaning and exercising after torn rotator cuff and bicep tendon surgery.


Breg Response

Newer versions of our shoulder braces have addressed exactly the issue you mention. These newer braces include the SlingShot 3, Atlas Universal and Atlas Minor shoulder slings. Their offloading harness design of the shoulder straps helps to reduce tension on the neck.  Thanks for your comment.
Breg Team



I have worn my ss2 for five weeks. I must wear it 24 hours a day. I came out of surgery with it on. We received an instruction sheet but no personal demo. The video is not appropriate to my situation or that of others I know. The pillow must be attached first as the shoulder cannot be moved after rotator cuff surgery. The next strap bothers my neck even though I feel it is very well constructed. I have a very short neck so my husband puts the neck strap around my chest in the day time. The neck strap is a good width and well constructed so the adjustment works well.

I did not wash mine the first four weeks. I can only use one hand so it was not as easy as the video shows. I would reccomend having some one wash it sooner. My support is much better since the sling is washed. I hung mine outside and it took about 2 hours to dry. I had to sit with my arm in my lap!

The sling is comfortable even to sleep in. I get stopped by strangers who have had rotator cuff surgery and they give you empathy and encouragement. This sling is a universal sign!

I like the fact that the sling comes in many sizes. The only thing I do not like is the buckle on the shoulder strap. I find it hard to squeeze it to open. The push button on the waist stap is much easier to use.

I am glad my doctor uses a Breg product.

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