The Only Adjustment Is To How Comfortable It Is

Breg's shoulder braces and immobilizers make daily activities -- and compliance -- easier for patients.

Breg's Slingshot® 3 shoulder brace

SlingShot 2 Shoulder Brace

Sizes: s, m, l, xl

The SlingShot 2 features a comfortable, breathable Airmesh® sling and a 15° abduction pillow. Quick release shoulder and waist strap buckles make this product easy to apply.  Includes exercise ball to stimulate circulation and a thumb rest to minimize migration.

Common Examples of Use

  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Anterior repairs
  • Posterior dislocations
  • Capsular shifts
  • Global shoulder instability

Product Features

  • Comprised of Airmesh, a moisture wicking fabric, for enhanced breathability and comfort
  • Four sizes
  • Universal left or right
  • Quick release shoulder and waist straps

Part Numbers

Part # Description
0850XSlingShot 2, S-XL

Product Sizing Chart



slingshot 2


How can I clean or launder the sling and pillow?

Breg Response

Hand wash the sling and straps in cold water with mild detergent. Rinse and always air dry.   For the pillow, we would recommend wiping it down.  You wouldn’t want to immerse the pillow into water. Hope this helps and thanks for your post!


Comfortable and very well made. Highly recommend.

Breg Response

Very happy to hear the SlingShot 2 is working well for you! Thanks for the posts.

Breg Team


Received mine at hospital following my total reverse shoulder replacement.
Really helps; highly recommended.

Quick question

I just had shoulder surgery yesterday. My labrum was half way torn from my bicep. The only thing holding my shoulder together was my deltoid. The doctor said it looked like I have been wrestling for all of my life. (Yes, I am a wrestler in college.) Also, the doctor put 7 anchors in my shoulder wich is a record for him. Would this sling be a good fit for me? They just gave me a crappy fabric sling that is way to hot and uncomfortable.

Breg Response

If you think the sling you have is not supporting your arm or is not comfortable, ask your doctor about Breg's SlingShot 3. Your doctor will be able to ensure the brace is fitted and positioned correctly. Good luck with your recovery.

Breg team

SlingShot 2 w/ abduction pillow


I just received a SlingShot 2 w/ abduction pillow to support my shoulder after a recent rotator cuff surgery. I bought it so I could switch off from the DonJoy Ultrasling III that they put me in after surgery. I wanted to have a sling to wear, that was equal quality but a little more reasonably priced, while I washed the DonJoy & let it air-dry. I still have several more weeks to wear a sling & wanted to be able to alternate slings while I washed out the sour body odor from sweating from wearing the sling for long periods of time. I was very impresses by the quality of the SlingShot 2. It was easy to adjust to fit and I immediately found it to be more comfortable than the DonJoy. The abduction pillow was contoured slightly different and while being firm, was made of slightly softer foam material than the DonJoy, which greatly improved my comfort level while wearing it. Although I bought the SlingShot 2 to use occasionally while the DonJoy was being washed 7 dried, I've decided that I will be wearing it most of the time and only swapping it with the DonJoy while washing & drying the Slingshot 2, when needed. I'm very happy & satisfied with my purchase choice. I saved a substantial amount of cash over buying a second DonJoy and I'm more satisfied with it's comfort level.

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