T Scope Premier Post-op Knee Brace

EPO Lite Post-Op Knee Brace

Sizes: short, long

An economical solution for post-operative indications, the EPO Lite features the Quick-Set hinge and has reduced foam coverage for greater breathability and comfort.

Common Examples of Use

  • ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL injuries
  • Tibial plateau fractures
  • Osteochondral repairs
  • Meniscal repairs
  • Patella tendon repairs
  • Condylar fractures
  • HTOs (High Tibial Osteotomy)
  • Acute Sprains/strains of the knee

Product Features

  • Quick-Set hinge for range of motion control
  • Reduced foam for breathability and comfort

Part Numbers

Part # Description
09360Economy Post-Op Lite, Short
09370Economy Post-Op Lite, Long


Information about EPO Lite Post-Op Knee Brace

Mr, how much price EPO Lite Post-Op Knee Brace ? and how many minimal order for it?
Please give me the information about it to my email.Do you have another branch in others country?Maybe in china or the others country??


Breg Response

Thank you for inquiring about the EPO Lite Post-Op Knee Brace. Please refer to the list of Breg International distributors for a price quote. Here's the link to the International Distributors page:


Breg Team

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