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Breg's Freestyle™ OA Knee Brace

Solus Plus Knee Brace

Sizes: xs, s, m, m+, l, xl, xxl

The Solus Plus knee brace provides relief for medial compartmental osteoarthritis (OA). Designed for activities of daily living, Solus Plus delivers effective load dispersion to relieve the symptoms of OA.

Common Examples of Use

  • Unicompartmental OA-medial
  • Chondral defect procedures
  • Meniscal procedures

Product Features

  • AirTech® Frame pads – innovative windows and channels in the pad permit cooling air flow while allowing moisture and heat to move away from the skin
  • Low profile, single upright hinge for daily activities
  • Thumbwheel dial makes off-loading adjustments easy
  • Enhanced comfort with foam condyle pad, cushioned straps and frame pads for all day support

Part Numbers

Part # Description
19104Solus Plus Custom, w/ Adjustable Hinge
19105Solus Plus Custom, Color/Pattern Option w/ Adjustable Hinge
184XXSolus Plus Prefabricated, Left
186XXSolus Plus Prefabricated, Right
793XXSolus Plus Prefabricated, Refurbish, Left*
794XX Solus Plus Prefabricated, Refurbish, Right*

* Refurb kit includes 1 stop set, frame pads with hook and loop fasteners, straps and instructions

Product Sizing Chart

Solus Plus Knee Brace Sizing Chart


Breg Solus OA Brace

What a relief to have this brace to help even after 2 surgical procedures. Proper instruction in the correct positioning for wear and cleaning of the pads was extremely helpful and I highly recommend Great Lakes Medical Technologies in the Midwest area.I have to agree, however, with another consumer who noted that it is difficult to fit clothing around the brace. It will be another financial challenge, this one to make the wardrobe changes to accommodate this brace but my ability to move will be a reminder that it will be worth the cost. I suppose that is part and parcel of the adaptations necessary due to injuries in that we constantly have to make adjustments.

Solus Single upright OA Brace


Works great with shorts. However it does not fit well under or over clothing.
Over clothing it will not stay in place.
Under clothing, you need to buy your clothes several sizes to large for it to fit under them.

Breg Response

Thank you for your comments.
Breg Team

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