The Ultra CTS™ Ankle Brace

The first Custom Treatment System that transforms
from acute ankle brace to low profile activity brace.

Ankle Sprain Kit

The Ankle Sprain Kit is designed for functional management of the injured ankle from the initial injury through rehabilitation. The kit includes a KoolAir Ankle Stirrup (Regular), Cold Therapy Ice Pack, Latex Free Elastic Bandage, Latex Free Elastic Exercise Band, and Application Instructions.

Common Examples of Use

  • Acute inversion and eversion ankle injuries
  • Chronic instability

Product Features

  • KoolAir Ankle Stirrup (Regular) – Provides support and protection for the injured ankle.
  • Cold Therapy Ice Pack – Provides cold therapy to help control swelling and pain.
  • Latex Free Elastic Bandage – Provides circumferential compression to control swelling.
  • Latex Free Exercise Band – Provided for ankle rehabilitation exercises.
  • Application Instructions– Provides the necessary patient information for
  • brace application and ankle rehabilitation.

Part Numbers

Part # Description
01401Ankle Sprain Kit


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