Ankle Sprain Kit

The Ankle Sprain Kit is designed for functional management of the injured ankle from the initial injury through rehabilitation. The kit includes a KoolAir Ankle Stirrup (Regular), Cold Therapy Ice Pack, Latex Free Elastic Bandage, Latex Free Elastic Exercise Band, and Application Instructions.

Common Examples of Use

  • Acute inversion and eversion ankle injuries
  • Chronic instability

Product Features

  • KoolAir Ankle Stirrup (Regular) – Provides support and protection for the injured ankle.
  • Cold Therapy Ice Pack – Provides cold therapy to help control swelling and pain.
  • Latex Free Elastic Bandage – Provides circumferential compression to control swelling.
  • Latex Free Exercise Band – Provided for ankle rehabilitation exercises.
  • Application Instructions– Provides the necessary patient information for
  • brace application and ankle rehabilitation.

Part Numbers

Part # Description
01401Ankle Sprain Kit