Cube Cold Therapy

The Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy System is simple and reliable. Its easy to use, compact design makes it great for clinic, hospital, and home use. Depending on your patient-specific protocol, with nothing more than an initial fill of a little ice and water, your patients can enjoy up to 6-8 hours of motorized cold therapy.

Breg Polar Care Cold Therapy units are classified by the FDA as Class II medical devices that must be prescribed by a physician or licensed healthcare practitioner.

Common Examples of Use

  • Post Operative
  • Arthroscopic Procedures
  • Reconstructive Procedures
  • Plastic Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Post-Trauma
  • Chronic Pain
  • Physical Therapy

Product Features

  • Proven reliability and effectiveness
  • Strong pump for optimal durability
  • High flow rate results in even pad temperature
  • Provides motorized cold treatment for 6 – 8 hours

Part Numbers

Part # Description
10701Polar Care Cube
Combo Units -PC Cube with WrapOn Pad (includes Cube & 1 single patient use pad)
10705PC Cube with WrapOn Knee Pad
04708Polar Dressing, Knee L
10706PC Cube with WrapOn L Knee Pad
04908Polar Dressing, Knee L
10707PC Cube with WrapOn XL Knee Pad
04908Polar Dressing, Shoulder L
10708PC Cube with WrapOn Ankle Pad
02508Polar Dressing, Ankle
10709PC Cube with WrapOn Multi-Use XL pad with Long Stem (16" Long)
02344Polar Dressing, XL Multi-Use
10710PC Cube with WrapOn XL Multi-Use pad
02344Polar Dressing, XL Multi-Use
10711PC Cube with WrapOn Shoulder pad
04908Polar Dressing, Shoulder L
10712PC Cube with Wrapon XL Shoulder pad
04918Polar Dressing, XL Shoulder
10713PC Cube with WrapOn Hip Pad
10680Polar Dressing, Knee L
Combo Units -PC Cube Combo Units - PC Cube with Polar Pad (includes Cube & 1 single patient use pad)
10702Knee/Shoulder Combo
02328Polar Dressing, Knee
10703Knee/Shoulder Sterile Combo
02328Polar Dressing, Knee
10704Multi-Use XL Combo
02348Polar Dressing, Multi-Use
Bulk Packs:
28600Polar Care Cube, 4 Pack
28601PC Cube Combo, WrapOn XL Multi-Use, 4 Pack
28602PC Cube Combo, WrapOn Knee, 4 Pack
28603PC Cube Combo, WrapOn Shoulder, 4 Pack
10698Replacement Power Supply
10670Compression strap (60" Long)
07640PC Y Adaptor
000038-000PC Hanger
099154ft Extension Tube
Matching Polar Dressing listed under each pad


Love This Machine


I just had a total knee replacement and when I woke up I had this unit on my leg. It makes all the difference in the world and when they tell you ice is your friend you want something like this to deliver that cold to the area. Couldn't have done without it. So much easier than trying to use gel packs or other types of ice packs. Glad to know that it will be there when I get my other knee done.

Breg Response

Hi Barbara
Thanks for sharing your Breg story with us. We wish you a speedy recovery!

Great machine, but...


My mother recently had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff and was given the Polar Care Cube after surgery to relieve swelling. The unit is quiet, effective in delivering cold therapy quickly, and really helping her. There is one downside however, it is impossible for her to connect the machine with the coupling mechanism designed as it is. She cannot exert enough force with her non-dominant hand to engage the coupling mechanism. Wither her arthritis, she also cannot depress the locking mechanism sufficiently enough to disengage the coupling mechanism when it is time to turn the Cube off. I had to help her connect/disconnect the tubing. I found it difficult and I have no physical limitations (the disconnecting was easier).
Is there a model that offers the same benefits of this model, but has an easier to operate coupling connection? Since her recovery will span several months, I would like her to be able to connect the machine on her own, since she will need to use it when no one is around to help her.
Thank you

Breg Response

Thank you for your post and your feedback. We have recently made changes to the product to reduce the force required to make the connection.  Please contact our Customer Care Center at 800.321.0607 so we can provide you with some options that will help, and a replacement unit if needed.

Polar Cube for Shoulder Arthroscopy


I had extensive work done on my shoulder arthroscopically and the surgeon strongly recommended this unit. I used it as instructed and it made a tremendous difference. I can't say enough about this's reliable, easy to use, quiet, portable, and very well-made. I've used it intermittantly since after rehab sessions and the unit was equally effective at relieving irritation and soreness. I consider it a must-have for this type of surgery.
Customer service is great. The straps were a little small for me and the Berg rep literally came to my office a couple of days before surgery to deliver longer straps...just outstanding!

Breg Response

Thanks for letting us know about your positive experience.  We wish you a speedy recovery.

Ice question


Hi! I just purchased my Polar Cube for my post op ACL surgery. I am wondering how often I need to change the ice since its an electrical refrigerated unit. My ice seems to last around 4-5 hours but not more. Is that typical? I can't seem to find any information online or in my instructions. Otherwise, the unit is staying cold & working well. Thanks! Beth Stevie

Breg Response

Hi Beth
Thanks for your question. You can obtain directions for your Polar Cube here  Your ice should last longer than 4-5 hours. We are happy to help you troubleshoot a variety of things that could affect how long the unit is working. Please call our Customer Care Center at 800.321.0607

Great Product , highly recommend ..


I injured my Left wrist at work and have had 5 surgery's to date , on the 1st two , I did not have a polar cube , well different Dr. for #3-5 and have used the polar pack with great results , reduces swelling and pain which allows for taking less pain meds and quicker recovery times .

I'm very pleased with the results and would highly recommend this to anyone for post op care ..

I would like to have a 12v car adapter as well , I live 1:30 min from Dr. and it would be great to use to and from appointments .


Breg Response

HI Bowtiebug
We are glad to hear your positive experience and success with the  Polar Care unit. We’ve forwarded your suggestion to our product development team for consideration. Thanks for taking the time to write to us.

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