In-Office Bracing and Orthotics Solutions
For the Orthopedic Practice

Breg’s Orthopedic Practice Solutions (OPS) is a consulting service with an inventory management software package that helps orthopedic practices implement and run successful in-office bracing and supplies programs.

OrthoSelect Consulting

Set up your own in-office bracing and supplies program
This comprehensive service has been proven effective throughout the nation, and is ideal for practices seeking to combat declining reimbursement and the increasing cost of providing quality patient care.

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Vision Advanced Inventory Management

Automate and maximize your bracing and supplies inventory.
Breg Vision Advanced Inventory Management is a proven and effective system to ensure your orthotic dispensing process is performing at an optimal level. Through Vision software, you can automate many of the processes taught in the OrthoSelect program.

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Orthopedic Practice Solutions

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