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Breg Introduces FreeSport Patellofemoral Braces for Patients with Mild to Moderate Knee Discomfort

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Breg, Inc., a premier provider of sports medicine products and services, today launched the FreeSport™ knee sleeve and wrap. Designed for athletes with mild to moderate discomfort, patella mal-tracking, and related injuries such as “runner’s knee,” FreeSport helps address the most common cause of knee pain seen by health care providers.1  The knee sleeve and wrap incorporate breathable, ultra-lightweight Smart-Zone™ compression fabrics that direct moderate compression for anatomic support where needed, and light compression over the patella and the popliteal space at the back of the knee for a non-binding fit. The buttress, made of Sorbothane™, a viscoelastic material, offers lateral support and containment for the knee cap to keep it securely in place. Incorporation of Sorbothane allows the buttress to mold to the patient’s knee cap to create a more personalized, secure fit. “In engineering the FreeSport knee sleeve and wrap, we incorporated advanced materials and fabrics unique to the industry,” said Brad Lee, president and CEO of Breg. “Braces made of spacer fabric/foam or Neoprene can be bulky and uncomfortable. These factors can contribute to reduced patient compliance and restrict patient activity level. The design and construction of the FreeSport products delivers exceptional comfort and dexterity. These factors help promote patient compliance, which in turn, can help fast track the orthopedic episode.” With both a sleeve and wrap option, the FreeSport brace offers another level of customization for patients. The sleeve, which is a standard right/left brace, is designed for patients with a more narrow leg. The wrap can be worn on either the left or right leg and is designed for patients with broader or muscular legs. Because the wrap can be used on either leg, healthcare providers are able to reduce the number of braces that are stocked, thus reducing costs and simplifying […]

Breg and United Orthopedic Group Announce Merger

BREG AND UNITED ORTHOPEDIC GROUP ANNOUNCE MERGER Combination Creates a Leading U.S. Provider of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Orthopedic Products and Services CARLSBAD, Calif. and PLANO, Texas – Breg, Inc. and United Orthopedic Group, Inc. (“UOG”) announced today that they have merged to create a leading U.S. provider of sports medicine, rehabilitative orthopedic products and services. Brad Lee, president of Breg, has been appointed president of the newly combined company. Together, Breg and UOG will offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive suites of products and services to support orthopedic providers with preventing and rehabilitating orthopedic injuries.  Their combined product portfolio will feature four major product brands of orthopedic braces, cold therapy devices and deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis products: Breg, Bledsoe Brace Systems, Hope Orthopedics and Cothera.  In addition, customers will have access to an expanded menu of services to support the operations of their orthopedic practices with the addition of Viscent LLC, a UOG company specializing in billing. “This merger brings together two leaders who are highly regarded for their patient-centric product design and commitment to serving customers from every angle,” said Mr. Lee.  “As one company, Breg and UOG offer a unique portfolio of innovative, world-class quality products and services that meet most every need of orthopedic providers and their patients. Together we have the opportunity to shape new frontiers in orthopedic care.” Breg and UOG’s merger comes as demand for rehabilitative products is growing, driven by the aging U.S. population, rising prevalence of chronic conditions and the health care industry’s focus on containing costs through non-surgical treatments. With nearly 60 years of combined experience in developing and manufacturing bracing and cold therapy products, Breg and UOG plan to leverage their research and development capabilities to develop new devices in collaboration with orthopedic providers. “I am very pleased […]

Breg Introduces Knee Brace to Help Runners with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

CARLSBAD, Calif. – July 10, 2014 – Breg, Inc., a premier provider of sports medicine products and services, has launched the FreeRunner™ knee brace with new innovations to help people, particularly runners, who suffer from patella mal-tracking return to active lifestyles.  FreeRunner’s patent-pending design acts on knee anatomy differently than other braces, providing support when patients need it most, and the ability to move normally when they don’t. Patellofemoral issues are the most common cause of knee pain seen by health care providers.1 In fact, more than 2.5 million runners are diagnosed with patellofemoral pain syndrome every year.2  It is typically caused by overuse, injury, excess weight, muscle imbalance or a knee cap that is misaligned. Common examples of patella mal-tracking are patella dislocation, runner’s knee and patellar tendonitis, among other conditions.  “Working with Breg on this brace is my first experience with a manufacturer partnering with clinicians to design a better product,” said Jill Monson, PT, OCS, CSCS, Monson Orthopaedic Consulting, LLC. “The team really listened to relevant clinical needs and goals of patients, and helped develop a brace design rooted in known patellofemoral joint biomechanics.” Unlike other patellofemoral braces, FreeRunner provides maximum stabilization of the patella when the leg is extended, helping to keep the knee cap in place when it is most vulnerable to mal-tracking or dislocation. The brace offloads pressure when the leg is bent in flexion and the patella is not as unstable. This allows freedom of movement without sacrificing support. “Patellofemoral braces have not changed much in the last 20 years,” said Brad Lee, president and CEO, Breg. “Our new FreeRunner challenges the outdated way of bracing these conditions. It is highly functional, comfortable and non-binding during activity. We set out to make a brace that works and people want to wear.  We believe […]