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Contender Boxer Splint

Sizes: Universal left/right

The Contender Boxer splint provides positioning for fractures or injuries to metacarpals, phalanges, MCP and PIP joints. The straps are adjustable for fit and comfort.

Common Examples of Use

  • Fractures
  • Metacarpal / Phalange injuries
  • MCP joint injuries

Product Features

  • Unique padded stay allows for easy adjustment and custom fitting
  • Universal left and right
  • Inventory optimization saves storage space:
    • Left Ulnar splint can be used as a Right Radial Gutter splint
    • Right Ulnar splint can be used as a Left Radial Gutter splint

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

Part Numbers

Part # Side
100709-100 Left
100709-200 Right