Breg Telehealth Support

Even the most well-planned journeys sometimes face detours, and the modern health care journey is no exception – particularly over the last several months. Breg is here to offer you support at every step, even if the path seems a bit unclear.

That’s why we’ve released our Telehealth Support Program, a solution that addresses the billing, logistical and clinical questions you are now navigating. Discover how Breg’s workflows customized to your preferences and the telehealth platform of choice can get your patients back on their feet, and your business back on track.

No matter how you are billing DME in a telehealth environment, we can support you. Please contact Customer Care or your Local Representative for more information.


Business Continuity

Rapidly convert existing DME workflows into virtual touch points that serve patients.

Documentation Support

Get notifications about recent temporary changes to documentation and product requirements.

Patient Experience

Measure, fit and deliver bracing and cold therapy products to patients, in the comfort of their own homes.

Contact your Breg Impact account manager to learn how to utilize Vision to support your workflow.

Workflow Overview

Telehealth appointment with physician
Remote brace evaluation with specialist
Product drop-shipped to patient’s home
Remote fitting appointment with patient and specialist


The presented version of the telehealth support program and workflow is only applicable during these emergency times. We will be monitoring any updates and requirement changes continuously to make sure we can remain compliant.

As guidance on telehealth practices is issued beyond the current epidemic, the Breg Telehealth Support program will adjust to meet such guidance.

We recommend contacting your local representative. If you don’t know who that is, contact Customer Care at 800-321-0607.

Breg can support you by ensuring continuity of care for your patients through one of our Patient Service Centers available nationwide.

The listed products are recommended due to their ease of use in a remote setting. With that being said, there are no restrictions on what you can order.

Keep in mind that not all products will be eligible for reimbursement through the telehealth channel due to challenges in securing the proper objective testing and it is also dependent on the type of insurance.

The following information should be included in the email body. This also exists in a fillable order form.

To send a secure email, include [secure] at the beginning of your subject line. This is a requirement when PHI is communicated and protects both patients and Breg.

  • Acct Number
  • Acct Name
  • PO#
  • Shipping Method (Ground, Next Day AM, Next Day Standard, Second Day or Third Day)
  • Promotion Code: TELEHEALTH
  • Contact Name & Number
  • Patient Name
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Part Number & Description and Qty

Our team of experts can support your team in any capacity using recommended tips and processes that we’ve laid out specifically for our products.