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Regained My Flexibility

“The brace is durable and stops me from overflexing. I’m able to easily set the brace for the appropriate angles; it’s perfect and has helped me regain my flexibility.”

Joey Bulla has been active his entire life – he is a four-time combat veteran (Special Operations for the U.S. Marine Corps), a former corrections officer, and a mixed martial arts and fight team instructor. He was part of the Marine’s Olympic Fight Team and has participated in multiple fights, including the world championships.

Joey was actively competing in martial arts and fight contests when his patella tendon suddenly ruptured. The pain was so intense that he was unable to walk for quite some time, putting him on the sidelines. His doctor performed surgery on his knee and put him in a competitor’s knee brace, but eventually switched the brace out for a Breg T Scope® Premier Post-Op Knee Brace after complaints of the competitor’s brace being too uncomfortable. After only three months in our brace, Joey’s range of motion in his knee had gone from only bending 5 degrees to 110 degrees!

Feeling confident in his new brace, Joey started working out and even began sparring in the brace.

“The brace is made from high-quality materials; the quick dry material is great for working out. It is comfortable and not bulky. I’ve been able to push my limits and get better every day – there’s no way I’d be able to get back to my active lifestyle without it!” – Joey Bulla

*Individual results may vary.