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New Hips, New Life

“I believe limiting my movements was key in a quick and easy recovery. Twelve months post-op on one and six months post-op on the other, I am back to lifting, golfing, swimming and running around! Thanks, Breg!”

Hip surgery is painful and debilitating at any age, but for Leah Schulze, torn labrums and femoral acetabular impingements in each of her hips forced her to consider the option at just 25 years old. Leading a very active lifestyle that included weight lifting, golfing, swimming, skiing and running, she was hesitant to pursue surgery at such a young age, but her pathologies were beginning to really slow her down. When she decided it was time to have the surgeries, her surgeon instructed her to wear a T Scope® Post-Op Hip Brace for four weeks after each one to help restrict specific motions while she healed.

“I am extremely glad I had this brace on, especially at night while sleeping to protect the joint so that I could recover quickly,” she said. “If you aren’t careful, it’s really easy to flex your hip beyond 90 degrees while sitting, or abduct your leg by accident, and this brace was a lifesaver in preventing those painful and potentially harmful movement patterns.”

Now that she has fully recovered from both surgeries, she is back to her full range of activities just twelve months later*.

*Individual results may vary.