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Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Resources

Striving for racial equality and diversity is about more than words on a page; it is about having vital dialogues, learning from each other, and becoming better. We’ve compiled the following resources for those interested in sparking those conversations:

  • Watch this TED Talk Playlist: “Talks to help you understand racism in America”
  • Take Harvard’s Implicit Bias Assessment
  • Subscribe to the About Us newsletter produced by The Washington Post, described as “Candid conversations about identity in America”
  • Listen to a podcast that challenges your thinking; some recommendations include The Argument from The New York Times, Nice White Parents or Code Switch from NPR or Pod Save the People from Crooked Media

Consider these tips when having conversations with co-workers:

  • Accept that you may not change the other person’s mind
  • Be open minded and kind
  • Be self-aware
  • Understand that it is OK to disagree with a co-worker
    Agree to disagree
  • Know when to end the conversation