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Academic Orthopaedic Consortium establishes AOC Women’s Executive Leadership Forum with support from Breg, Inc.

The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium (AOC) is proud to announce the establishment of the AOC Women’s Executive Leadership Forum, which will provide a series of important initiatives and a national network specifically for its female administrative members. The Forum is made possible by the generous support of Breg, Inc., a market leader in orthopedic device manufacturing and DME program management, and a long-time sponsor of the AOC. “When I surveyed the Orthopaedic Chairs across the AOC about the value of establishing additional leadership programs and a national network exclusively for our female administrative leaders, their response was immediate and overwhelmingly positive, and they encouraged us to move forward,” – Michael Gagnon, Founder and CEO, AOC Last year, AOC membership grew by more than 37%, now connecting more than 126 university-based orthopaedic programs, and female administrative members now outnumber male administrative members within the organization. When Gagnon approached Brad Lee, President and CEO of Breg, with the idea of building on the momentum of female leadership within AOC, Lee recognized the importance of the work and asked how his company could support the initiative. “We believe deeply in supporting our clinical partners as they navigate the complexities of the modern healthcare system, and we understand that one of the best ways to do that is to give them more opportunities to learn from each other and innovate together. The Forum will be an avenue for women to come together and advance the profession, and Breg is thrilled to be part of that.” – Brad Lee, President and CEO, Breg Research has shown that having access to strong professional networks is critical to navigating career pathways, enhancing learning curves, and improving the performance of individuals and the entities they serve. Just in the last 18 months, publications such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, […]

Breg, Inc. Adds Benefits and Eligibility Checks to Breg Vision® Software for Orthopedic Bracing Programs

Responding to a frequently cited pain point for both orthopedic physicians and their patients, Breg, Inc.’s latest software release will improve transparency around the cost of durable medical equipment (DME) products like knee braces, shoulder slings, splints, boots and crutches at the time of dispensement. Billing for medical products varies widely based on contracted pricing with insurance agencies, individual healthcare coverage and deductibles, so doctors often can’t give their patients precise cost estimates on products at the time they are prescribed. Breg Vision 7.0.8, available now in Apple’s app store, features real-time benefits and eligibility checks that account for each patient’s specific insurance plan. Using the app, doctors can identify the best products for a patient’s recovery, then assess estimated costs with them upfront, empowering patients to be part of the decision. Breg Vision is also the only orthopedic management software on the market that can connect directly into healthcare providers’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, seamlessly integrating DME inventory management into the supply chain. To learn more about Breg Vision 7.0.8, please visit

Breg Launches Breg Vision® 7.0: Workflow Management Software for Durable Medical Equipment Providers

May 31, 2019, Carlsbad, Calif. – Breg, Inc., an orthopedic bracing provider with market-leading consulting and technology programs, has launched the next generation of its paperless workflow management system for orthopedic providers, Breg Vision® 7.0, in Apple’s app store. Breg Vision is an end-to-end application that automates and optimizes in-house durable medical equipment (DME) programs.  Version 7.0, developed and refined through direct customer feedback, includes multiple customer experience and usability upgrades, including: A completely redesigned, rebuilt mobile application on a reliable and scalable platform Thoughtfully enhanced workflows that require 27% fewer touches to complete patient dispensements A streamlined infrastructure for expedited future enhancements and improved continuity of patient care “Breg continues to listen to and support our needs with the Vision application,” said Breg customer James Clarke, DME coordinator, Desert Orthopedic. “The new app includes everything that I previously found useful and gives us an even more capable and stable application to work with. I look forward to seeing what else comes from this new platform.” Launched more than 10 years ago as a web application, Breg Vision has the longest tenure of any DME patient management software on the market. It has evolved to include mobile capabilities, integrations with dozens of Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMR/EHR/PM) systems and partnerships with Greenway, Athena Health and Allscripts. With more than 200 unique channel connections, the system is able to pull patient scheduling information from almost any EMR/PM, push patient information and documentation to EMRs and/or billing systems, and manage real-time inventory, among other features. Other Vision capabilities include: Improved staff productivity with paperless dispensing Streamlined inventory management with real-time tracking Seamless information exchange via bi-directional EMR/PM interfacing Documentation generation and coding and charge capture   Breg Vision is a key part of Breg Impact, the company’s customized DME/bracing program. Breg Impact has […]