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Watch the Breg Flex Story

See How Breg Flex May Improve Your Patients’ Outcomes

Faster Recovery


Breg Flex patients achieved their optimal outcome using 25% less visits than non-Breg Flex patients in the same diagnosis group.

Functional Improvement


Breg Flex patients scored 20% higher on their functional improvement scores than non-Flex patients on average.



Breg Flex patients were 75% compliant with their therapy protocols vs. an average of 30% for non-Flex patients.

Patient Satisfaction


Breg Flex patients reported a satisfaction level of 90% on average.

Watch the Breg Flex Story

We are honored to be given “Orthopedics This Week Best New Technology Award” – this annual award rewards inventors, engineering teams, physicians and their companies who’ve created the most innovative, enduring and practical products in 2016 to treat injured athletes in ANY activity -whether sports, industry, military or healthcare.


Meet Todd. He is only 3 months removed from a total knee replacement and is walking 29 miles per week.

Todd L.75 Year Old Patient

“As an orthopedic surgeon, Breg Flex represents a paradigm shift in the management of my postoperative patients. This cutting-edge technology that allows for accurate and instantaneous patient data capture is thus optimizing application of resources, patient outcome, as well as patient satisfaction.”

Dr. Daniel SeginaDirector of Trauma – Health First, Holmes Regional Hospital

“Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this project. I enjoyed the process which gave me a reason to stick with the twice a day workouts for a better and faster recovery.”

MichaelSawmill worker, ACL injury

“I really like the Breg Flex. It has made a difference with my recovery in that it counts the reps and motivates me to do the exercises.”

Donnaretiree, total knee arthroplasty

“Lots of folks do NOT do their exercises at home and for them this would be a great motivator. This is my second TKA surgery and I was more than satisfied with my home therapy program using Flex.”

Helenretiree, total knee arthroplasty

“Thank you for all for developing Flex! After the injury, I became pretty down and unmotivated. This app helped so much and I’m sure is going to continue helping many more.”

Laurenextreme athlete, multiple knee trauma surgeries

“Overall I think the app is great and the concept is fantastic and so far has been a great experience.”

Donnysoftware engineer, ACL injury

Features and Benefits

Bluetooth Motion Sensor

Accurately monitors patient ROM and compliance.

Mobile Patient Monitoring

Convenient access into each patients’ results from your smart phone.

Create Custom Protocols

Standardized care for each diagnosis group with the flexibility to modify as needed.

Simple Patient Dashboard

Quickly see how your patients are progressing with their therapy.

Objective Data Capture

Enables you to proactively manage therapy costs and post-acute outcomes.

Interactive Patient App

Guides patient through therapy and provides a virtual therapist to mirror their movement.

Gamified Experience

Motivational experience encourages patients to reach their goals.

Secure In-App Messaging

Connect your patient and care team.

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