Breg Introduces FreeSport Patellofemoral Braces for Patients with Mild to Moderate Knee Discomfort

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Breg, Inc., a premier provider of sports medicine products and services, today launched the FreeSport™ knee sleeve and wrap. Designed for athletes with mild to moderate discomfort, patella mal-tracking, and related injuries such as “runner’s knee,” FreeSport helps address the most common cause of knee pain seen by health care providers.1

The knee sleeve and wrap incorporate breathable, ultra-lightweight Smart-Zone™ compression fabrics that direct moderate compression for anatomic support where needed, and light compression over the patella and the popliteal space at the back of the knee for a non-binding fit. The buttress, made of Sorbothane™, a viscoelastic material, offers lateral support and containment for the knee cap to keep it securely in place. Incorporation of Sorbothane allows the buttress to mold to the patient’s knee cap to create a more personalized, secure fit.

“In engineering the FreeSport knee sleeve and wrap, we incorporated advanced materials and fabrics unique to the industry,” said Brad Lee, president and CEO of Breg. “Braces made of spacer fabric/foam or Neoprene can be bulky and uncomfortable. These factors can contribute to reduced patient compliance and restrict patient activity level. The design and construction of the FreeSport products delivers exceptional comfort and dexterity. These factors help promote patient compliance, which in turn, can help fast track the orthopedic episode.”

With both a sleeve and wrap option, the FreeSport brace offers another level of customization for patients. The sleeve, which is a standard right/left brace, is designed for patients with a more narrow leg. The wrap can be worn on either the left or right leg and is designed for patients with broader or muscular legs. Because the wrap can be used on either leg, healthcare providers are able to reduce the number of braces that are stocked, thus reducing costs and simplifying inventory management.

The FreeSport knee sleeve and wrap join the Breg portfolio of patellofemoral knee braces which includes the FreeRunner™, the premier knee brace for patients requiring patellofemoral tracking support due to acute discomfort, subluxation, mal-tracking and/or dislocations.


Learn more about Breg’s family of patellofemoral braces at or call Breg Customer Care at (800) 321-0607.


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1 Taunton JE, Ryan MB, Clement DB, McKenzie DC, Lloyed-Smith DR, Zumbo BD. A retrospective case-control analysis of 2002 running injuries.

Br J Sports Med.




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